When Do Turtles Hatch In Cyprus?

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When Do Turtles Hatch In Cyprus

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Turtles hatch in Cyprus between the period of July and August. The female turtles lay eggs in the nesting season which is between March and June, and after 50 to 60 days the turtles in Cyprus start to hatch. 

Today in this article, we will discuss turtles in Cyprus, their kinds, nesting season, and hatching period in a detailed way.

What kinds of turtles are there in Cyprus?

Cyprus only has 2 species of turtles. One of them is called the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) and another one is called the green turtle (Chelonia mydas). Both these turtles are classified as endangered species.

Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

The Green Sea Turtle is also known as Pacific Green Turtle and it is found mainly in the tropical and subtropical seas around the world.

The Green Turtle is the largest of all the hard-shelled sea turtles but has a comparatively small head. A fully grown adult can grow to around 1.5 meters in length. The Green Turtle is mainly herbivorous and feeds mainly on different kinds of seagrasses.

Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)

Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)

The loggerhead sea turtle is found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

The loggerhead sea turtle is omnivorous, feeding mainly on bottom-dwelling invertebrates such as earthworms and leeches. An average loggerhead is around 90 cm in length. Loggerhead sea turtles spend most of their lives in the open ocean and in shallow coastal waters.

When can you see turtles in Cyprus?

Usually, turtles can be seen on the sandy beaches of Cyprus from late March to early October. That’s the time period when turtles lay eggs and hatch. The peak season for turtle hatching in Cyprus is in the days of August and September.

Where can you see turtles in Cyprus?

The best places to spot turtles in Cyprus are scattered along the sandy beaches of North Cyprus. The Loggerhead Turtle and the Green Turtle both nest in the soft sands of Alagadi beach near Esentepe to the east of Kyrenia, as well as elsewhere on the Cyprus coast, including the long stretch of sand on the Golden Beach in the Karpaz Peninsula and the Akamas Peninsula in the south.

You can click the links below to learn about different cities in Cyprus.

When do turtles nest in Cyprus?

Turtles in Cyprus nest between the months of March and June. Female turtles lay anywhere between 75 to 200 eggs. After about two months, the eggs hatch, and the hatchlings make their way to the water. Throughout the nesting season, the beaches in Cyprus are closed to the public.

What time of day do turtles hatch in Cyprus?

Turtles in Cyprus hatch during the nighttime, when the light of the moon can guide the mother and later the hatchlings, back to the sea. Also, emerging at night reduces exposure to daytime predators.

Are there turtles in Paphos?

Yes, there are turtles in Paphos, and turtles in Paphos can be seen in the Lara Bay and turtle conversation station. The beach is clean, sandy, and wide. The places where eggs lie are marked and preserved.

Here is a beautiful video you can watch about turtles hatching in Cyprus at Paphos Lara bay.

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