16 Things Not To Do In Cyprus [Updated: 2023]

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Things not to do in Cyprus

This post was most recently updated on January 6th, 2023

Today in this article, we are going to learn about 16 things that you shouldn’t do in Cyprus.

Don’t walk barefoot in Cyprus

Don't walk barefoot in Cyprus

You should never walk barefoot in Cyprus unless you are at a beach. Cypriots usually don’t like it. You should at least wear slippers or sandals if you don’t have a shoe.

Never pass food with your left hand

Never pass dish with your left hand

While you are having lunch or dinner with someone, never pass the dish with your land hand. Serving or passing dinner with the left hand isn’t much liked in Cyprus. If you are left-handed, then it’s ok.

No Photographs near military camps

No photographs near military installments

You shouldn’t take photographs near military installments or border between north and south Cyprus. Be it the north side or the south side, taking photos near a military camp can get you into trouble.

Don’t refuse an offer for coffee or a drink

Don't refuse drinks in Cyprus

The majority of Cypriots are very friendly people. When you are with them, they offer your coffee or something to drink. Saying no to them is impolite. If you never drink then that’s ok. They will understand.

Don’t eat your food in public during Ramadan

Do not walk in front of someone who is praying

Cyprus has Muslims, mainly in Northern Cyprus. During Ramadan, they don’t eat anything during the day. So, you shouldn’t eat, drink, smoke, or chew in front of Muslim people during Ramadan in public. Do not walk in front of someone who is praying. Also, never wear a shoe while entering a Mosque.

Don’t give white Lilies as a gift

Don't give white Lilies as a gift

White Lilies are usually used in a funeral in Cyprus, so giving them as a give is offensive. If you are taking flowers to someone, avoid white lilies.

Always give priority to the Pedestrian

Always give priority to the Pedestrian

If you are driving, always let the pedestrian pass first, then your drive. There mightn’t be a signal on some roads in the village area in Cyprus, even then pedestrians should be given the first priority.

Don’t cross hierarchy rank

Don't cross hierarchy rank

In Cyprus, you should always give priority to the elder people first. Cypriots are extremely respectful of their senior citizens. Older people are always served and introduced first.

Don’t drink or smoke in public places

Don't drink or smoke in public places

You are not allowed to smoke or drink in public places in Cyprus. There are designated areas to smoke. People don’t like it when you smoke or drink in public areas.

Don’t be too late or too early

Don't be too late or too early

Cypriots are enjoyable people. Usually, they are late for anything. So, if you come too early, you mightn’t find them. Even though they are late, they don’t like you to be too late. Be on time.

Don’t wear a short dress in religious places

Don't wear a short dress

Do not enter a Greek Orthodox church or a Mosque wearing revealing tops and shorts, always use full-sleeve clothes if you intend to visit holy places.

Don’t take the division of the country lightly

Don't take the division of the country lightly

Cyprus is divided into two parts. The northern part and the southern part. People lost families, homes, land, and many more things during the partition. So, you should never take the division lightly. You might hurt or offend people.

Don’t rush while driving

Don't rush while driving

Cyprus has strict rules for driving, still some people drive like crazy. You should never rush while driving in Cyprus. You might get into an accident. Always be focused.

Don’t try to travel the whole island in 3 days

Don't try to travel the whole island in 3 days

I have seen a lot of people asking about how to travel Cyprus in 3 days. That’s not possible. Even though Cyprus is a small country, it’s not that small. You can’t cover the whole island in 3 days. There is so much to see in Cyprus.

Don’t show extreme gestures of affection in public

Don't show extreme gestures of affection in public

Kissing your partner in public is fine in Cyprus, but should never show extreme gestures. Also, the majority of Cypriots are not so open-minded about homosexuality, so if you are gay you should keep that in mind.

Don’t sit until you are told to sit

Don't sit until you are told to sit

This is usually applicable to most of the European countries. If you are with your elders, you should sit, only when they sit. If you are in a meeting or an interview, you should sit when you are told to sit.


You just read 16 things you shouldn’t do in Cyprus. What do you think about them? Do you know more things that one shouldn’t do in Cyprus? If you do, please let me know about them in the comment section below.

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