Is Vaping Legal in Portugal? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Vaping legal in Portugal

This post was most recently updated on January 6th, 2023

Vaping is totally legal in Portugal. You need to be 18 years or older to purchase e-cigarettes in Portugal. Vaping devices can be purchased without a prescription but there are legal restrictions on their use in public places.

Vape packaging must contain a health warning and there are restrictions on the level of nicotine they can contain. Vaping is legal and allowed all over the country.

Nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are regulated in Portugal in accordance with the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). TPD is applied to the strictest in Portugal.

Taxation on e-liquids with nicotine in Portugal is among the highest in Europe. They have a tax of 3.25 Euro / 10ml on nicotine, clearly, the bottle of a 10ml nicotine booster costs 5.25 Euro to the customer. The tax on nicotine is higher than that on tobacco. 

However, there are very few shops in Portugal where you can buy vapes. And, the number of vape shops is decreasing year by year. As of 2017, there were around 160 registered vape shops in Portugal, but coming to the end of 2022, there are barely 90 shops.

As compared to other countries, the numbers are very less.

For example, the United States has more than 10,000 vape shops, and similarly, the United Kingdom has more than 2000. Even the neighboring country Spain has more than 600 registered vape shops.

Vaping isn't illegal in Portugal

In Portugal, vaping is banned in all public enclosed spaces, restaurants, bars and clubs, workplaces, and public transportation locations.

There are separate areas in bars and clubs which are specifically designed for Vapers.

If you desire to vape, you need to ask first if vaping is allowed there. You say, “Posso Vaporizar Aqui?” to ask if you are allowed to vape there.

Asking if you are allowed to vape here in Portuguese

Are Vapes banned in Portugal?

Vaping is banned wherever smoking is banned. Vaping is also illegal in places where children gather, including outdoor spaces such as playgrounds.

Smokers who disregard the law can be fined up to 750 Euro and establishments that permit illegal smoking can be fined up to 250,000 Euro.

The rules weren’t so strict before 2017. The new rule to limit the place to vape came into place after January 2017.

Do they sell disposable vapes in Portugal?

Do they sell disposable vapes in Portugal

Yes, they sell disposable vapes in Portugal. However, they aren’t found in many stores. Most of the stores sell non-disposable vapes. Non-disposable vapes are better than disposable vapes anyway.

They are better, and cheaper in long term than disposables, and you can use them with any liquid with or without nicotine and you don’t pollute the environment.

Are elf bars illegal in Portugal?

Are elf bars illegal in Portugal?

No, Elf Bars aren’t illegal in Portugal. Any place you can smoke cigarettes, you can smoke an elf bars vape. If you are bringing elf bar vape from another country, then you must put it in your carry-on bag. They are strictly prohibited in luggage.

It is also strictly prohibited by all airlines from smoking vapes in the airlines. The majority of airports will have a designated smoking area where you will be able to vape before you board your flight. Some airlines may not even allow you to carry a disposable vape. You need to consult with the airlines before carrying it to the airport.

Also, you aren’t allowed to throw your elf bar vape in Portugal after smoking even though it’s disposable.

Do Elf Bars contain nicotine?

Elf Bars are designed to replace cigarettes and deliver a safe quantity of nicotine that will satisfy normal nicotine cravings. The nicotine is delivered as Nic Salts which are absorbed quicker by the body and provide a hit similar to cigarettes.

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