Is Squatting Legal in Poland? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Squatting Legal in Poland?

Squatting is legal in Poland, and there is no law stating that squatting is a criminal act.

For those of you who don’t know what Squatting is, it is the action of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied area of land or a building, usually residential, that the squatter does not own, rent, or otherwise have lawful permission to use.

Are there many squatters in Poland?

Are there many squatters in Poland?

Yes, there are many squatters in Poland and most of them are immigrants. In rural areas, there are houses that are vacant and the owner of the house is unknown. In that case, the squatters go to the house and start living there.

Can you squat in a residential property in Poland?

Squatting on a residential property in Poland is illegal and against the law. If the owner complains, you can be arrested.

Anybody disturbing the domestic peace/trespassing risks fines, a custodial sentence, or up to one year’s prison sentence.

If nobody leaves there, and it seems no one is coming back to live there, then there is a chance you could squat the house. But if the owner is present, you cannot squat a house in Poland.

Is squatting a good thing?

It depends. If you are squatting land or an unused house, and taking care of the property, then it’s a good thing. But if you are misusing it, then you could be arrested too.

What do you think? Should Squatting be illegal in Poland? Let me know in the comment section below.

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