Is Peeing in the Ocean Legal in Portugal? [2023]

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Is Peeing in the ocean Legal in Portugal

It is illegal to pee in the ocean in Portugal. Urinating in the ocean in Portugal is frowned upon and you would end up in jail or you have to pay a fine for doing so.

Defecating on the beach or the ocean is also not allowed in Portugal.

However, people make fun of the law, as how would one know that one has peed in the ocean? Portuguese people say this law is just a joke.

Does peeing in the ocean harm sea life?

Does peeing in the ocean harm sea life?

There is an assumption that urinating in the sea is not such a good idea because it contaminates the marine ecosystem. This is actually not true. Human urine does not harm the ocean or sea life in any way, in fact, some scientists say it is beneficial to marine plant life.

Why do I pee so much when I am in the ocean?

You do so because of the water pressure.

As you submerge in water, hydrostatic pressure drives up your blood pressure a bit, enough to trigger your kidneys to respond by stepping up their filtration game and increasing urine output.

Can Sharks smell pee?

While they can smell human urine, they aren’t particularly interested in it. Any tasty, smelly odorant is likely to get a shark excited but their sense of smell is no better than that of a tuna, and tiny amounts will go unnoticed.

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