Is it Legal to Hit Your Child in Poland?

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Is it Legal to Hit Your Child in Poland?

It is illegal to hit your child in Poland. Corporal or physical punishment of children is totally prohibited at home in Poland. Mental harassment or physical punishment of the kid is punishable by law.

The Constitution of Poland adopted in 1997 explicitly confirms the right not to be subjected to corporal punishment.

However, complete prohibition was achieved in 2010, with the enactment of the Law of 6 May 2010 “On the Prevention of Family Violence”.

Article 2 of the law amended the Family and Guardianship Code 1964 by inserting a new article 96 which prohibits all corporal punishment in childrearing. A person who exercises parental authority and who provides care of or custody over a minor may not apply corporal punishment.

The new law was signed by the President on 18 June 2010 and came into force on 1 August.

Not only at home, but a kid shouldn’t be subjected to physical punishment in daycare centers, schools, and penal institutions in Poland.

Could you go to jail for slapping your child in Poland?

Yes. Repeatedly using force against a child is punishable by law in Poland. You could end up in jail for slapping your child.

If a parent hits a child in a manner that is cruel, inhuman or causes external or internal injuries, they may be arrested.

Do Polish parents beat their children?

Yes, they do. Even though it’s illegal to beat a child, you will often see Polish people disciplining their kids by slapping or spanking.

What to do if you see someone hitting their child?

If you see someone hitting their child, you should interrupt them. If they still continue hitting their child call the police or the child helpline center.

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