Is Hunting Legal in Poland? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Hunting Legal in Poland?

Hunting is legal in Poland, however, hunting in Poland is strictly regulated by Polish Hunters’ Association, the only national hunters’ organization in the country. Poland is considered as Europe’s number one hunting country.

All animals living in the wild belong to the Polish State. The hunting right does not belong to the landowner and can only be performed by members of the Polish Hunters’ Association.

In simple words, you need to be a member of the Polish Hunters’ Association to hunt in Poland.

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Conditions for obtaining a hunting permit in Poland

Conditions for obtaining a hunting permit in Poland

There are some terms and conditions you need to meet to obtain a hunting permit in Poland.

  1. one-year apprenticeship in the hunting club
  2. passing hunting exam
  3. minimum age: 18
  4. no criminal record
  5. Polish nationality

Apart from the hunting permit, persons wishing to exercise hunting rights must have the following documents:

  1. A membership card of the Polish Hunters’ Association issued annually on payment of a subscription
  2. A hunting firearms permit issued by the police (once and for all).
  3. A game shooting indicating species, bag limit, and territory (valid for one month)

Can foreigners hunt in Poland?

Foreign hunters need a permanent resident’s permit which enables them to join the association and a hunting permit issued by an authorized tourist agency.

What can you hunt in Poland?

What can you hunt in Poland?

Commonly hunted wildlife in Poland are as below:

  • Wild Boar
  • Roe Deer
  • Red Deer
  • Fallow deer
  • Hazel grouse
  • Common Pheasant
  • Grey Partridge
  • Greylag goose
  • Mallard
  • Teal
  • Red Fox
  • Pochard
  • Tufted Duck
  • Woodcock
  • Common Coot
  • Woodpigeon

Hunting Surface Area

Total Surface Area313,000 sq km
Woodlands87,204 sq km
Farming Area186,417 sq km
Huntable Area91.5% of total surface area

The country is divided into 5250 hunting territories with a minimum area of 3000 ha. Territories are rented out to legally constituted clubs, on 10-year contracts, by the provincial governor (open land) or the regional forestry Director (woodland).

4814 territories are thus rented out, whilst the rest are managed by the authorities. The average huntable area by a hunter is not greater than 300 ha.

Polish Hunting Safety Regulations

Hunter is responsible for using the firearm and the ammunition in a safe manner. The hunter must check whether the barrels are not clogged every time he loads the firearm. He has to make sure that the muzzle is always pointed in the safe direction (up or down).

The hunter has to keep his weapon unloaded and on the cover everywhere except the game shooting district where he is permitted to hunt. In the game shooting district, when moving thru build-up terrain, the hunter has to keep his weapon unloaded.

During driven hunting between each drive, the hunter must remove the cartridges from the chambers before leaving the post. The cartridges may be put in the chambers again only after the hunter has taken a post before the next drive.

During breaks, the leader of the hunting should check randomly whether hunters have removed the cartridges from the chambers. The hunters must remove the cartridges out of chambers when crossing barriers such us ditches, fences, footbridges, climbing up or down the look-outs, and during breaks in hunting when the weapon is not put aside.

After the hunting, the leader of the hunting should check randomly whether the hunters have unloaded their firearms.

The use of telescopic sights in driven hunting is possible only on the condition that telescopic sight does not exceed 3 times magnification.

In the line of fire, if there are other hunters, other people, farm animals, buildings, or vehicles, the distance between the hunter and the game does not guarantee to take a safe shot.

Aiming at the game and shooting at it is permitted if:

  1. There are conditions that guarantee taking an effective shot and the possibility of raising the shot animal.
  2. The conditions guarantee the safety of the surrounding.
  3. The game has been accurately identified.
  4. The hunter can take a shot at the game in a distance not bigger than:
  5. 40 meters – when shooting with pellet or smoothbore barrel shotgun bullets;
  6. 100 meters – when shooting with rifle bullets with the use of foresight;
  7. 200 meters – when shooting with rifle bullets with the use of a telescopic sight.

The fast trigger may be used in individual hunting only. It can be started only after the game has been identified and the gun has been leveled. If the shot has not been taken, the firearm must be protected against firing a shot. The fast trigger must be switched off then.

Shooting animals that are under protection is prohibited. If a hunter shoots or kills an animal under protection he will be charged a 200% price of the wounded animal.

Is Bow hunting legal in Poland?

Is Bow hunting legal in Poland?

Bow hunting is legal in Poland only if you are a member of the Polish Hunters’ Association. If you are not a member, then bow hunting in Poland is illegal.

Hunting Clubs in Poland

Hunting clubs pay for game rearing and protection, the hunting lease, and game damage to crops. Yearly shooting plans are drawn up and approved by the forestry administration.

Clubs’ income accrues from membership fees, sales of game meat, hunts organized for foreign visitors, and export of live games (especially Hares).

Clubs must employ a gamekeeper, acting in an official capacity on each territory.


The Polish Hunters’ Association has a Gundog Commission, which organizes dog trials, in association with its provincial sections. It has a dog training center and works alongside the Polish Kennel Club (FCI Member).

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