Is Graffiti Legal in Portugal? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Graffiti Legal in Portugal

Is Street Art legal in Portugal?

Graffiti is only legal in a few of the authorized spots in Portugal. Graffiti in public places and historical monuments is totally illegal and frowned upon in Portugal. If you are caught, you will have to pay 100 Euro to 25,000 Euro fine.

For those of you who don’t know what graffiti is, it is an art that is written, painted, or drawn on a wall or other surface, usually without permission and within public view. Graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings and has existed since ancient times.

Graffiti in Portugal

15 legal graffiti spots in Portugal

1. Skate Park (Portimao)9. Skate Park (Braga)
2. Fábrica de Fiação (Tomar)10. Amoreiras (Lisbon)
3. Hall of Fame Esgueira (Aveiro)11. Old Factory (Guarda)
4. Alto de vela Park (Mafra)12. Escola Secundaria Augusto Gomes (Matosinhos)
5. Lugar Das Donas (Rio Tinto)13. Fabrica do Gas (Lisbon)
6. Old Abandoned Factory (Faro)14. Largo da Oliveirinha (Lisboa)
7. Fabrica Almada Velha (Almada)15. Parede Estacionamento ESAD.CR (Caldas da Rainha)
8. Parque Municipal de Skate de Coimbra (Coimbra)

Is there a lot of graffiti in Portugal?

Is there a lot of graffiti in Portugal

Mainly in Lisbon and Faro, there is a lot of graffiti in Portugal. You can see graffiti on street walls, public places, the side of apartments, and even on footbridges.

Is there a graffiti problem in Portugal?

Is there a graffiti problem in Portugal

Yes, you can say there is a graffiti problem in Portugal. Even though graffiti is illegal in Portugal, people aren’t stopping from painting the walls.

Kids under 16 years aren’t prosecuted which gives them the freedom to put graffiti on the walls. Some of the genuine graffiti painters have done a fantastic job, but the kids just mess up public places with their graffiti paints.

The authority tries their best to control vandalism, but it seems it’s not working. The best way to control vandalism is strict rules, and parents should control their kids from destroying public property.

Is it legal to Graffiti in Lisbon?

Is it legal to Graffiti in Lisbon

Graffiti in Lisbon is only legal in some of the authorized spots. Previously graffiti was totally illegal in Lisbon but around 2018, authorities passed a new law. The Portuguese government allowed street artists to paint graffiti on authorized spots.

What does wasp graffiti mean in Portugal?

What does wasp graffiti mean in Portugal

Wasp is a person’s name who is a graffiti writer and artist. Kams is the name of his crew. Wasp has been painting graffiti since 2006. Not all Wasp written graffiti was painted by Wasp. It’s mainly the kids who mess up public property through graffiti and blame it on Wasp by writing his name. Wasp is in fact, a professional graffiti artist.

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