Is Dash Cam Legal in Portugal? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Dash Cam Legal in Portugal

The use of Dash Cam (Dashboard Camera) in public is illegal in Portugal due to privacy laws, and if you are caught using one, you will pay heavy fines for breaking the law. Portugal is one of the countries in the world where dash cam is illegal.

Are Car Cameras legal in Portugal?

Are car cameras legal in Portugal

Car cameras are illegal in Portugal. It is illegal to use a car camera in Portugal because you cannot take a video of someone’s private property like their car or house.

The fine for illegal use of mobile phones, dash cams, and similar devices while driving is €120-€600.

What other countries ban dash cams?

Along with Portugal, Luxembourg and Austria also have strict laws regarding dash cams. The use of dash cams or recording devices in public is illegal in Austria. Meanwhile, in Luxembourg, it is legal to use a dash cam but it cannot film in a public space.

The court in Portugal has ruled that dash cams are an invasion of privacy.

Police have the legal right to seize the memory card from a dash cam if they suspect an offense has been committed which may catch drivers off-guard.

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