Is Busking Legal in Poland? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Busking Legal in Poland?

Busking is legal in Poland, however, in the case of Warsaw you are required to have a permit to play in the streets. Busking in Warsaw without a license is usually frowned upon. In any other city, it’s absolutely fine to do busking.

For those of you who don’t know what busking is, it is the activity of playing music in the street or another public place for voluntary donations or for any other reasons.

Why is it illegal to do busking in Warsaw without a license?

It is illegal to do busking in Warsaw without a license

It’s probably because it’s the country’s capital city. Rules are different in Warsaw. The city is quite crowded and people don’t like being disturbed in the streets.

If you are found busking in the streets without a license, the police will seize your equipment and you may also have to pay a fine that ranges between 400 zl to 1,200 zl.

Busking in Poznan

It’s totally legal to do busking in Poznan. The good thing is you don’t need a permit or a license to play in the streets of Poznan.

Where can you get a license for Busking in Poland?

You can get a busking license in Poland from Police or local authorities. It takes a few hours to get a busking license in Poland. If you travel all over the country busking, then you are suggested to have your busking license with you all the time.

Would you make a good amount of money by busking in Poland?

Would you make a good amount of money by busking in Poland?

Sadly, no. The Polish people are not like Americans or British people. They will rarely put money on your hat. However, if you are busking in an area where there are a lot of English or American people, you could end up making a decent amount of money.

What is the best time to do busking in Poland?

The best time to do busking in Poland is from March to November, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm every day. If you play on weekends, you could make a decent amount of money playing in the streets.

Is Busking considered begging in Poland?

No. It has been established in Poland law that busking is not begging as the performer offers ‘value for money’.

Also, Busking is a form of taxable income. If you busk regularly you should register as a self-employed musician/entertainer.

Things to consider while busking in Poland

Things to consider while busking in Poland

Do not make too much noise. Don’t play extremely loud.

Don’t block public highways or local streets. People don’t like that.

Do not play on private property without the owner’s authorization.

Respect other Buskers. If they are playing, wait till they are done. Support them too.

If you have a band or a dance group with 5 people, it doesn’t give you the right to occupy the spot more than individual artists.

The regular conduct for busking in Warsaw is to perform in 1 hour for each artist, so if you are 5, don’t try to be smart and stay for 5 hours.

Let people know who you are. Speak with them. English is fine but learn some Polish too. Don’t perform without a banner.

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