Is Bullfighting Legal in Portugal? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Bullfighting Legal in Portugal

Bullfighting is legal in Portugal. In fact, Portugal is one of the 8 countries in the world where bullfighting still takes place. The other 7 countries are Spain, France, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador.

Where can I see a bullfight in Portugal?

Campo Pequeno Stadium bullfighting in Portugal

You can see a bullfight in Portugal at 5 different places out of which the Campo Pequeno Stadium which is located in Avenida da República, in Lisbon is the major one. This stadium is famous for bullfights, musical concerts, fairs, exhibitions, and other events. It has a capacity of around 10,000 people.

How many bullfighting rings are there in Portugal?

There are 5 major bullfighting rings in Portugal. Bullfighting also happens in other places, but the 5 rings listed below are big and can support a huge audience.

  1. Campo Pequeno Bullring
  2. Nazaré Bullring
  3. Póvoa de Varzim Bullfighting Arena
  4. Praça de Toiros de Albufeira
  5. Vila Franca de Xira Bullring

How is Portuguese bullfighting different than Spanish bullfighting?

How is Portuguese bullfighting different than Spanish bullfighting

The major difference between Portuguese bullfighting and Spanish Bullfighting is that in Portugal Bullfighting bulls aren’t being killed in the ring, whereas in Spanish bullfighting bulls are killed in front of an audience in the arena.

What is the minimum age to watch bullfighting in Portugal?

The minimum age to watch bullfighting in Portugal is 16 years. Previously it was 12, but in mid-October, 2021, it was set to 16 years.

This progress comes after the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child identified the harmful effects on children of witnessing violence against sentient beings of any kind.

The committee had recommended that Portugal change the minimum age for watching bullfighting to 18 years, but later they decided to keep it at 16 years.

How much does it cost to watch bullfighting in Portugal?

The tickets to watch bullfighting in Portugal cost somewhere between 25 Euro to 100 Euro. The price varies from place to place. Most of the tickets are usually sold out before the fight.

Is Portuguese bullfighting cruel?

Is Portuguese bullfighting cruel

Of course, it’s cruel. Any event where animals are being killed or tortured for human entertainment is cruel and inhuman. Even though bulls are not being killed in Portugal in bullfighting, they are tortured and wounded.

When in Portugal, don’t be fooled by its “bloodless” bullfights.

Even though the bulls aren’t killed in front of the audience in these fights, the magnificent animals are still taunted, tormented, and attacked with banderillos.

Their tails are twisted and yanked, they’re wrestled, and their horns are grabbed.

When they’re exhausted and no longer deemed “useful”, the abused animals are sent to the abattoir, where their throats are slit.

If you ask me, then this must stop.

The act of bullfighting in Portugal is decreasing year by year. The old bullrings are being converted into playgrounds, parks, and malls.

Which is a good thing, as bulls are being killed every year in the name of bullfighting, which goes against animal rights. Every year, approximately 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights all over the world, which is inhuman and intolerable. In Portugal, more than 4,000 bulls a year are killed for bullfighting and other cruel events.

What do you think? Should they ban bullfighting in Portugal? Let me know in the comment section below.

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