Is Betting Legal in Portugal? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Betting Legal in Portugal

This post was most recently updated on January 14th, 2023

Betting is fully legalized and regulated in Portugal. From sports betting to lotteries, from casinos to horse race betting, Portuguese people are fond of betting, and they are paying one of the highest tax rates for betting in the world at 44%.

Can you bet online in Portugal?

Can you bet online in Portugal

Yes, online betting is legal in Portugal. Online gambling has been legal in Portugal since 2015. However, only licensed operators are allowed to offer online betting services to Portuguese residents. So, if you are trying to bet online, make sure the operator is licensed to do it.

It’s also good to look out for the SRIJ logo at the bottom of a betting website’s page.

Portugal’s government has made the country an online gambling-friendly one.

All forms of gambling, including web-based, are currently regulated by the Government of the country.

The authorities have set a goal of providing citizens with legal, closely-monitored, and most of all, safe gambling opportunities.

How to bet online in Portugal?

To bet in Portugal, you’ll need to start off by creating an account.

Visit your new bookie’s website and register.

You’ll be asked to enter personal details, including your name, surname, email, date of birth, NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal), and IBAN number.

You’ll also have to enter a security question, which will be used if you need to recover your account at a later stage.

At some point, a bookie will ask you to verify your identity and bank details.

This might be as soon as you register the account, but others tend to ask after you’ve requested your first withdrawal.

Once you’ve submitted the documentation, bookies usually take between 24-48 hours to get back to you.

If you have any problems along the way, be sure to get in touch with their customer support, either via live chat or email.

Who regulates betting in Portugal?

All kinds of gambling activities are currently legal in Portugal, which includes not only casinos but the lottery, too.

Be it in digital form or land-based form, SCML (Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa) regulates betting in Portugal.

On the other hand, for gaming like Poker, Bingo, and Casino Gaming, SRIJ (The Portuguese Gambling Regulatory Authority) regulates in Portugal.

Any company interested in operating online gambling in Portugal must necessarily apply for a license with the SRIJ. Such a license is issued once the ensuing administrative and technical procedure is concluded.

How many Casinos are there in Portugal?

How many Casinos are there in Portugal

As of January, 01, 2023, there are 12 registered Casinos in Portugal. They are as below:

1. Casino Lisboa7. Casino Vilamoura
2. Casino Estoril8. Casino de Monte Gordo
3. Casino da Póvoa9. Hotel Casino Chaves
4. Hotel Algarve Casino10. Casino Figueira
5. Casino Troia11. Casino Espinho
6. Casino da Madeira12. Pestana Casino Park

Any illegal actions related to gambling operations in the country are to be punished by local laws. Organizing or participating in gambling operations and activities at venues other than casinos and bingo halls are considered illegal and are to be prosecuted.

Is there a Lottery program in Portugal?

Is there a Lottery program in Portugal

Yes, there is a Lottery program in Portugal. It started in 1783, when the Queen of Portugal Maria Pia, approved the SCML to carry out a lottery as part of a program aimed at generating money for the poor and the royal hospital.

Then, more than a century later, the so-called “Service of Lottery” was officially created, which is how the lottery operations in the country started running under the official name “Loteria Nacional”.

SCML was entitled to the responsibility of running betting games depending on the results of football matches in 1961. Then, in 1985, Lotto monitoring and control were added to the SCML’s responsibility, followed by some types of lotteries, including instant ones, about ten years later.

At first, the SCML delegated some of its responsibilities to the Department of Sports Betting as well as to the National Lottery Service.

Then, the SCML transferred the running, control, and monitoring of all games to the Games Department that is run also under the hat of the SCML.

Sports betting in Portugal

Sports betting in Portugal

Sports betting is legal in Portugal and is being exclusively operated by SCML (Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa). Mainly football betting is more popular in Portugal. Football is actually a huge deal in Portugal. There are other sports where you can bet in Portugal. Some of them are Horse Racing, Futsal, and Basketball.

You can bet online or at a physical place like a Casa de Apostas (Betting House).

Poker in Portugal

Poker in Portugal

Portuguese poker players are legally allowed to play poker online at a company that holds an SRIJ license.

This is ideal for poker players who live in smaller Portuguese towns where there is no casino or poker room nearby, as suddenly a world of players and tournaments is opened up.

Like the sports betting houses, real-life poker is great and holds its own unique advantages. But, it is the online players who are the best as they can play many more hands per hour than in real life, meaning you get way more practice.

Offshore gambling

It is illegal for operators located in other countries to offer internet gambling to consumers located in Portugal without obtaining a license.

The Gambling Inspection and Regulation Service (SRIJ) has the power to block illegal websites. The offer of games in Portugal from overseas servers is considered a crime.

Before referring to the Public Prosecutor for criminal investigation, the SRIJ may notify illegal operators to cease the activity or notify the internet service providers to block the websites that are illegally offering gambling.

Which betting sites can I use in Portugal?

Some of the famous and legal betting sites that you can use in Portugal are:

  • 888casino
  • pinnacle
  • 22Bet
  • N1BET
  • Ivibet
  • Bruce Pokies

Is Bet365 legal in Portugal?

Bet365 is banned in Portugal since 2016. You would be put in jail or you would have to pay a fine if you are found betting on Bet365 in Portugal. As Bet365 is a foreign company, it’s illegal to use it in Portugal. However, you can access your account via a VPN if you are traveling to Portugal.

Is Stake legal in Portugal?

The stake is legal in Portugal. You can bet online on the official website of stake from Portugal.

Can I use Skybet in Portugal?

No, you cannot use Skybet in Portugal. Skybet is a UK company and it’s illegal to bet on Skybet in Portugal. As the operating license covers only United Kingdom and Ireland, you can’t use Skybet while being in Portugal.

Is Betway legal in Portugal?

Betway is legal in Portugal. In 2020, Betway secured a new license to begin offering sports betting and online casino in Portugal. Betway also holds licenses to operate in various other major European markets such as the UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Malta, and Sweden.

Can I use my Betfair account in Portugal?

Is Betfair legal in Portugal?

As of January, 01, 2023, Betfair isn’t legal in Portugal. Betfair is currently applying for a Portuguese online gambling license, and they haven’t been successful to do so yet. However, you can access your account via a VPN if you are traveling to Portugal.

Can you bet in Albufeira?

Yes, betting in registered casinos is legal in Albufeira. Currently, there are 3 casinos in Algarve. One is Hotel Algarve Casino, then there is Casino Vilamoura, and finally, in the east of the Algarve, there is Casino Monte Gordo.

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