Is Adderall Legal in Cyprus? [Updated: 2023]

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Is Adderall Legal in Cyprus?

Can I bring Adderall to Cyprus?

Carrying Adderall is legal in Cyprus as long as you have a prescription for the medicine from a certified doctor. Without a prescription, no pharmacy will provide you with a refill.

In most cases, you won’t be able to find Adderall in the pharmacy in Cyprus, as it’s an American brand.

The brand names of European medications will likely be different from the brand names of the USA medications. So, you may not find Adderall in nearby pharmacies in Cyprus at all.

While European doctors can’t refill the brand name of your U.S. prescription, they can likely prescribe a European equivalent.

If you are coming from abroad, you are suggested to put your medicine in your hand-carry bag with the prescription and the receipt. An adult caring for a child can carry the child’s medication along with the child’s travel paperwork.

You can talk to the Cyprus Embassy in your country regarding what sort of medicines can you carry to Cyprus. You can also check with your airline to see whether flying with Adderall is legal or illegal.

Make sure you have enough medication to cover your entire trip. If you will need your medication refilled, discuss this with your doctor ahead of time.

Is it possible to ship Adderall to Cyprus from the USA?

Is it possible to ship Adderall to Cyprus from the USA?

It is illegal to import Adderall from the USA to Cyprus via courier. If you don’t have Adderall, you can consult with a doctor in Cyprus and get a similar medicine. Make sure to keep your receipt and prescription with you at all times.

Sharing Adderall with others, or mixing it with other drugs or alcohol, is considered a crime in Cyprus. If you are found sharing your Adderall with others, you may be put into Jail and pay a heavy fine.

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