How To Get a Criminal Record Check in Cyprus?

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How To Get A Criminal Record Check in Cyprus

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In order to get a criminal record check in Cyprus, you need to visit the Police Headquarters in Nicosia. If you are a Cypriot, you can go to your nearest Police Station, but if you are a foreigner, you must bring all the essential documents to the Nicosia Police Headquarters.

You have to be lived in Cyprus for more than 6 months in order to apply for a police clearance certificate.

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Who can obtain a Criminal Record Check certificate in Cyprus?

Who can obtain a Criminal Record Check certificate in Cyprus

Police clearance certificates can be issued to:

  • Cypriot citizens of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Non-Cypriots residing legally in the Republic of Cyprus for at least six months
  • Companies, corporations, associations, societies, or any other alliance of persons of legal entity

What are the required documents?

Following are the required documents you need to bring to get a criminal record check in Cyprus.

  • Birth certificate.
  • Current passport and passport held while living in Cyprus.
  • For Cypriot Citizens: Identity card or Passport
  • For Non-Cypriots: Pink slip/Alien book/yellow slip or any other proof of having resided in Cyprus.
  • For companies: Copy of incorporating the company, partnership, association, or other entity or association of persons with legal personality.
  • Recently filled application form.

The application form for Criminal record check in Cyprus looks like this:

Police Clearance Certificate form Cyprus

You can click here to download this form from the official site of Cypriot Police. 

If you get into some trouble downloading the form from the internet, you can also get the Cyprus Police Clearance Certificate form from any of the nearest Police Stations to you.

What is the required information to fill in?

You need to fill in the following information. Some of this information may vary from Cypriots to Non-Cypriots. 

  • Full name
  • Present residence and since when (village/Town, street, number, & Postcode)
  • Home Phone (If you have one)
  • Phone Number
  • Nationality
  • Country of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Passport Number
  • Date of issue(Passport)
  • Place (Country) of issuing Passport
  • Purpose of certificate required.
  • ARC Number/ Identity Card Number
  • Date of the form filled.
  • Signature of applicant

Every application must be accompanied by:

1. Identity card or Passport for Cypriot Citizens and Pink slip/Alien book/yellow slip or any other proof of having resided in Cyprus for non-Cypriots.

2. An official receipt for the payment of the amount of 20 euros. The payment could be made:

  • In cash at any Divisional Police Headquarters or at any Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus,
  • Remittance to the Central Bank of Cyprus in the name of the Chief of Cyprus Police (SWIFT CODE: CBCYCY2NFBU, Government General Account, account no. CY16001000010000000006001010) – only in Euro, or
  • by bank cheque in favor of the Chief of Cyprus Police

You can fill out the form in English. You have to bring your original documents + each copy of them.

How long does it take to get the Police Clearance Certificate in Cyprus?

Usually, it takes 2 to 3 business days. Each case is different. Different countries have different cases. It might take a maximum of 7 working days to get the criminal check record check certificate.

The certificate is valid for 2 months. 

If you have committed a crime in Cyprus, it would be shown on your Criminal record certificate, including the date of crime, the nature of the crime, and the court’s sentence for you.

If you haven’t done anything lawfully wrong, your Cyprus police clearance certificate would be clean, and it would say, “The applicant has not had any previous criminal convictions.”

Where is the Cyprus Police Headquarters in Nicosia Located?

Cyprus Police Headquarters Nicosia Location

It is located at Evangelou Floraki Road, Aglantzia, Nicosia.

Postal code: 1478

Phone: 1460 / 00357 22808080 / 22-808080

Fax: 22-808598


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