[Housemaids] How To Calculate Your Annual Leave Money?

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How To Calculate Your Annual Leave Money

This post was most recently updated on January 6th, 2023

In simple words, Annual Leave is a paid holiday granted by employers to employees, where employees can go to their home country for a certain period of time and still get paid for that time off.

Employees, who work 5 days a week, are entitled to an annual leave of 20 days, whereas employees who work 6 days a week are entitled to get an annual leave of 24 days.

In Cyprus, the majority of the housemaid contracts have 24 days of holiday time once a year, and they have to work for 6 days each week.

You can continuously work for a whole year without going on a holiday, and still, you are entitled to get the money.

An interesting fact is, you don’t actually need to work for a whole year to get the annual pay. Even if you just worked for 5 months and want to go home, your employer should give you your annual leave money.


Here is how it works. As I said above, you are entitled to get 24 days a year of holiday leave, which means you get 2 days of holiday leave a month.

(1 year has 12 months, 1 month has 30 days, so 2 days every month means 24 days a year.)

As you know now that you get 2 days of annual leave holiday in a month. If you only worked for 5 months, you get (5 months * 2 days = 10 Days) annual leave for 5 months.

Most of the housemaids don’t know this; hence, they don’t ask for their holiday money if they haven’t worked for a whole year.

Let’s figure out how much money do you exactly should get per day for your holiday leave.

To figure it out, you have to divide your basic salary by 26.

If you want to know why 26, it’s because there are 4 Sundays in a month and you usually don’t work on Sunday.

If your salary is 309 Euros per month, then your per day salary should be 11.89 euros.

  •  [ 309 Euro / 26 days = 11.89 Euro per day ]

Similarly, if your salary is 400 Euro per month, your per day salary should be 15.39 Euro.

  • [ 400 Euro / 26 days = 15.39 Euro per day]

I hope you have understood clearly what I have explained above. If you haven’t, then I suggest you read it again because you must understand what your rights are.

If you are earning 309 Euro a month, you are entitled to receive your salary plus you get 2 days for every month.

Which means, 309 Euro + 11.89 Euro = 320.89 Euro. 

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When you get a release from your employers, you should also get the gratuity (the holiday money we were talking about). So don’t just take the release paper and go. Ask for the money too.

I suggest you click here to read how to get a release paper legally from your employer and click here to read how to write and present a 30-days notice period letter.

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