How Many Prisons Are There In Cyprus?

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How Many Prisons Are There In Cyprus

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Cyprus has only one prison that functions as a correctional facility. Cyprus has some small prisons designed to act as a jail to keep criminals or convicts under surveillance for a temporary amount of time but the Central Jail of Nicosia is the only functioning prison in Cyprus.

All age groups from 16 years and over are held in the facility.

Today in this article we will learn some more about the Central Jail of Nicosia, Cyprus.

History of Prisons in Cyprus

The Central Prison Nicosia was built in 1894 by the British as a place of detention for those sentenced by the court to Imprisonment. Later in 1960, Cyprus got its independence from the British. After the British were gone, Cyprus used the same prison as the Central Correctional Facility in Nicosia.

The prison is also known as the location of Imprisoned Graves where 13 EOKA freedom fighters were imprisoned and executed.

What are EOKA and Imprisoned Graves?

EOKA stands for Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston. It was a national organization of Cypriot fighters that fought a campaign for the end of British rule in Cyprus. The main objective of EOKA was to have a union of Cyprus with Greece.

Imprisoned Graves are a set of Graves in a small cemetery inside the Central Jail of Nicosia where 13 EOKA fighters are buried.

Where is the Central Jail of Nicosia located?

The Central Jail of Nicosia is located at 2 Norman Street, 1702 Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus.

You can look at the image below for the exact location on the Map.

Central Jail of Nicosia in Cyprus

Does Cyprus Central Police run the Central Jail of Nicosia?

No, the Central Jail of Nicosia isn’t being run by the Central Police. It’s a common misconception among the general public.

Central Jail of Nicosia is run by the Cyprus Prisons Department whereas Cyprus Police is run by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order.

However, the Cyprus Prisons Department also falls under the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. That is why people think, Cyprus Police runs the Cyprus Prison Department which is not true.

Both the Cyprus Police Department and the Cyprus Prison Department have almost identical logos, patches, and uniforms, but they are completely separate.

Their emblem also looks so similar, but they are different.

Cyprus Prisons department and Cyprus Police

What are the missions of the Central Jail of Nicosia?

The primary missions of the Central Jail of Nicosia are:

  • The secure detention of individuals sent to prison from the courts
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Equal treatment of detainees without any unfavorable discrimination of race, color, sex, language, nation, social origin, or convictions
  • Providing education, creative entertainment, health and mental health services for the encouragement of self-esteem, being responsible for their actions, their linear reintegration into society, and change of delinquent behavior
  • Social reintegration

What services does the Central Jail of Nicosia provide?

  • Medical Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Social Welfare Services
  • Education and Studies services
  • Workshops
  • Entertainment Services (Television, Gymnasium, Theatre, Library, and many more)
  • Vocational classes
  • The prison also has a Church and a Mosque

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