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Famagusta is one of the 6 administrative districts of the country of Cyprus.

Today in this article, we are going to learn about Famagusta. We will try to answer every question there is about the district of Famagusta, so keep reading till the end to know better.

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Let’s start, shall we?

Where is Famagusta located?

Famagusta is located on the east coast of Cyprus. It borders Kyrenia, Nicosia and Larnaca.

Where is Famagusta located

Map of Famagusta

Famagusta is called Ammochostos in Greek and Gazimağusa in Turkish.

Map of Famagusta

Area and Population of Famagusta District

The total area of the Famagusta district is 1,979 sq km (764.09 sq mi).

The total population of Famagusta district as of 1st October 2021 was estimated to be around 51,500.

Area code and Telephone code

The area code of Famagusta is 23. The postal code for Famagusta is 5521 – 5878.

The telephone code for Famagusta, Cyprus is +90-392. 392 is the area code of all landlines. Mobile Operators, Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell and KKTC Telsim use 533 and 542 area codes respectively.

What Time Zone is Famagusta?

Famagusta uses Turkey Standard Time (UTC + 3:00). Famagusta doesn’t observe daylight saving time.

What currency do they use in Famagusta?

What currency do they use in Famagusta

Famagusta uses the Turkish Lira as its official currency. Euro is also widely used in Northern Cyprus.  If you have Dollar, Euro, or Pound, you can get them exchanged at the local bank or money exchangers.

Is Famagusta Greek or Turkish?

Famagusta is located in the Northern Part of Cyprus. The majority of people who live there are Turkish Cypriots. The northern part of Cyprus speaks Turkish and the southern part of Cyprus mainly speaks Greek.

Distance between Famagusta to Other Cities

Famagusta to : DistanceEstimated Time
Nicosia68.2 km75 mins
Paphos185.7 km137 mins
Larnaca52.2 km56 mins
Limassol118.8 km95 mins
Kyrenia76.4 km70 mins
Ayia Napa18.7 km36 mins

How far is Famagusta from Protaras?

Famagusta is 21.4 km far from Protaras. It will take you around 38 minutes to reach Protaras from Famagusta on a car or public bus.

Weather in Famagusta

Weather in Famagusta

The days in summer are hot, and the winters are cold in Famagusta. The temperature goes up to 39 degrees Celsius in summer and 10 degrees Celsius in winter. You can click here to read in detail about the climate in Cyprus.

When to visit Famagusta?

If you like summer you are suggested to visit Famagusta in June-August, and if you love winter you should visit Famagusta in January-March. March is the season spring begins in Cyprus. With days getting longer, there is almost 8 hours of sunshine a day. If you are visiting Famagusta in March, you are suggested to pack light winter clothes.

How safe is Famagusta?

Famagusta is moderately safe. The southern part of Cyprus is much safer than Famagusta. There are some pickpocketers in the street, so you are suggested to be extra cautious. Take proper care of your wallet and passport. You will see some beggars in the street, but very few. Famagusta is a bit unsafe at night. Vandalism is there also corruption and bribery. The shops mainly target tourists and charge you more, but if you don’t want to buy it, they don’t force you.

What is Famagusta famous for?

Its Greek Cypriot inhabitants fled during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, when the city of Famagusta came under Turkish control, and it has remained abandoned ever since. Famagusta is famous for being a Ghost Town. Famagusta is also known for Othello Castle, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Famagusta Walled City Association, Canbulat Museum, Palm Beach, and Namik Kemal Dungeon.

Can you visit Famagusta Ghost town?

Yes, you can visit Famagusta Ghost town. Turkey has now reopened the ghost town to tourists.

Do British Expats live in Famagusta?

There are British Expats living in Famagusta, but not much. Most of the British Expats in Cyprus live in Nicosia and Paphos in the southern part of Cyprus.

What are the cons of living in Famagusta?

Here are some of the cons of living in Famagusta:

  • Famagusta is expensive, but compared to Southern Cyprus it’s much cheaper.
  • People are racist.
  • Bad driving practice.
  • Fewer job opportunities for foreigners in Famagusta.
  • If you are from a third country national who has a North Cyprus visa, you cannot travel to South Cyprus from Famagusta.

How much can you earn in Famagusta?

You can earn somewhere between 11,500 TL to 1,200,000 TL depending on your skills and qualifications. Mainly for foreigners and international students, 54.64 Turkish Lira per hour is the basic salary. But, if you are highly educated, you can earn somewhere between 150-350 Turkish Lira per hour.

You can click here to read in detail about the average salary income in Northern Cyprus.

Is Famagusta cheap to live in?

Compared to the districts in Southern Cyprus, Famagusta is comparatively cheaper to live in. If a nice 2 bedroom flat in Famagusta costs 10,800 Turkish Lira a month, then you will have to pay 14,000 Turkish Lira a month in Limassol, Paphos for the same flat. Grocery items are also cheaper in Famagusta. Some people from South Cyprus go to North Cyprus to buy stuff as it’s cheaper there. Around tourist areas, the costs of items are slightly expensive, but overall Famagusta is cheaper to live in.

How much do you need to live in Famagusta?

You need around 22,000 Turkish Lira a month to live comfortably in Famagusta. With that much money, you can rent a two-bedroom flat, eat 3 times meals, pay utility bills, and do basic shopping.

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 and you can click here to read in detail about the cost of living in Southern Cyprus.

Is there an Airport in Famagusta?

Famagusta doesn’t have an airport. There is an airport in Northern Cyprus in Nicosia and it’s called Ercan International Airport. Famagusta is 48.7 km far from the Ercan International Airport. It takes you around 39 mins to reach the airport from Famagusta.

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How far is Famagusta from the Larnaca Airport?

Famagusta is 62.4 km far from the Larnaca Airport. It will take you around 55 minutes to drive from Famagusta to Larnaca airport.
How much is a taxi fare from Larnaca to Famagusta?
Taxis charge you around 50-70 Euro from Larnaca to Famagusta. During night time, they are slightly expensive. They charge you around 90 Euro at night.

Distance between Famagusta and Larnaca International Airport

Can you drink tap water in Famagusta?

You can drink tap water in Famagusta, but you are suggested not to. Even though tap water is drinkable, people usually drink bottled water or water from a water vending machine in Famagusta. The water may be safe to drink when it leaves the source, but it might collect pollutants (dirt, dust, and other stuff) on its way to your tap. If you have to, then always drink only after filtering and boiling the tap water.

Does it snow in Famagusta Cyprus?

No, it doesn’t snow in Famagusta. Snow only falls in Nicosia, in Troodos Mountains in Southern Cyprus. The temperature has never been so low in Famagusta for snow to occur.

Which plug is used in Famagusta?

3-pin plugs are used in Famagusta. They are the same as the plug from the UK. The associated plug type for Famagusta is type “G”. It’s a plug that has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Famagusta operates on a 240V supply voltage and 50Hz. If you are coming from the UK, you don’t need to carry an adapter for your devices.

Is there Western Union in Famagusta?

Yes, there is Western Union in Famagusta. There are at least 14 agents of Western Union in Famagusta.

When does the sunset in Famagusta?

Sun usually sets around 7:30 pm in Famagusta. The sunrise is around 6:00 am in Famagusta.

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