Does Cyprus use 3 pin plugs?

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Does Cyprus use 3 pin plugs

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Cyprus uses 3-pin plugs. The associated plug type for Cyprus is type “G”. It’s a plug that has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Cyprus operates on a 240V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Does Cyprus use the same plugs as the UK?

Cyprus uses the same plug as the UK

Yes, Cyprus uses the same 3-pin plug as the UK. If you are traveling from the United Kingdom to Cyprus, you don’t need to worry about your plug sockets. Electricity in Cyprus is the same as in the UK. If you have a rounded 3-pin plug, you can easily buy an adapter at the local market.

What plug adapter do I need for Cyprus?

You need a type-G plug adapter for Cyprus. It is suitable for powering any 240-volt device or appliance. A power adapter enables visitors traveling from a different country to use their electronic and electrical appliances and devices in Cyprus by adapting the shape of the power plug from one type to another.

A power adapter only adapts the shape of a plug to fit into a 240-volt Cypriot power outlet and is unable to convert the power to a higher voltage.

Do I need a plug adapter for Paphos, Cyprus?

As Paphos has the same 3-Pin Plug adapter as the UK, you don’t need to bring a plug adapter if you are coming from the UK. If your plug is different, you can buy an adapter at local shops in Cyprus.

What plug sockets are used in Northern Cyprus?

Plug sockets used in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus uses the 3-pin plug adapter same as the Southern Cyprus and the same as the UK. Northern Cyprus has a 240v electricity supply and uses British 3-pin rectangular blade plugs, so you don’t have to take an adaptor for the UK.

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