Can You Hunt Animals in Portugal? [Updated: 2023]

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Can You Hunt Animals in Portugal

This post was most recently updated on May 21st, 2023

Is it legal to hunt in Portugal? 

You can hunt animals in Portugal but in order to do that, you have to have a hunting license as well as a registered firearm license. Also, it is only legal to hunt some species of animals in Portugal. Animals like Red Deer, Wild Boar, Fallow Deer, Mouflon, Roe Deer, Moor Hen, and Pheasant are usually hunted in Portugal.

What can I hunt in Portugal?

Here is the list of all wildlife species hunted in Portugal.

Wildlife Species
MongoosePheasantRed Leg Partridge
Rock PigeonMagpieBlackbird

MallardGadwall DuckRed Deer
WidgeonYellow Biller TealWhite Eyed Duck
Pintail DuckGreen Winged TealNorthern Shovelar
Dabbling DuckTufted DuckMoor Hen
Common SnipeJack SnipeBald Coot
Golden PloverDoveWood Pigeon
Collard DoveMissal ThrushFieldfare
RedwingSong ThrushStarling
Wild BoarFallow Deer
Roe DeerMountain Sheep

The most popular regions in Portugal for hunting are Alentejo and Ribatejo where a “Monteria” takes place each year with dogs and horses. Monteria is a drive hunt that takes place on fenced hunting grounds.

Favored areas for partridge are in the extreme north in Trás-os-Montes and in the Algarve. Rabbit hunting is popular around the Douro valley and Hare in Ribatejo and the Alentejo.

Quail are hunted in the Minho and Sesimbra, and ducks in Leziria and the Algarve.

What kind of hunting is in Portugal?

What kind of hunting is in Portugal

  • Bird hunting in Portugal
  • Duck hunting in Portugal (From October to the end of January)
  • Game Shooting in Portugal
  • Red Stag hunting Portugal
  • Red deer hunting Portugal (August to the end of February)
  • Fishing in Portugal

When can you get a hunting license in Portugal?

It is only possible to obtain a Hunting License for the following Hunting Season, from May 15th of each year.

Between the 15th and the 31st of May of each year, it is necessary to select the Season for which you intend to license:

  • the one that ends on May 31 (Current season) or
  • the one that starts on the 1st of June (next Season)

Before obtaining a Regional Hunting License click here to check out the hunting regions in Portugal.

Types of Hunting Licenses in Portugal

There are 3 types of hunting licenses in Portugal.

  • National License
    allows hunting, without prejudice to other limitations imposed by law, throughout the National Territory, during a Hunting Season.
  • Regional License
    allows hunting in the respective Hunting Region, during a Hunting Season.
  • License for Non-Residents in National Territory
    allows hunting, without prejudice to other limitations imposed by law, throughout the National Territory, for 30 days or during a Hunting Season.

Where can you get a hunting license in Portugal?

The National License and the Regional License can be obtained:

In the MULTIBANCO (MB) ATM network

To obtain a license through an ATM machine, you must put the number of the Hunter Card and your tax number (NIF).

At the ICNF Counter

ICNF stands for Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas which translates in English as Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests.

To obtain a National License or a Regional License at an ICNF branch, you must present:

  • Passport or Identity card
  • Hunter Card
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Civil liability insurance against third parties, valid until the end of the Hunting Season to which the License relates.
    Insurance: Minimum amount of €100,000, in the case of hunting with a hunting weapon, and €25,000 in other cases.

The License for Non-Residents in National Territory can only be obtained at an ICNF branch or from an Organization of the Hunting Sector (OSC) authorized for the purpose and also, in the near future, be requested online through the website of the ICNF.

Obtaining a License for Non-Residents can only be issued in favor of those who can be exempted from Hunter’s Letter.

  • The following may be exempted from Hunter’s License, provided they have not been convicted of violating the legal norms on the exercise of hunting.
  • Members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps which are accredited in Portugal when the reciprocity regime is applicable.
  • Foreigners not residing in Portuguese territory provided that they are qualified to hunt in the country of their nationality or residence and the reciprocity regime applies.
  • Portuguese who are not residents of the national territory, when they are qualified to hunt in their country of residence.

Applying for Hunting License in Portugal

To get a license, hunters must pass a theory and practical exam to hunt in their own country or in Portugal. Both of these exams are overseen by the ICNF and are held all year round.

Candidates can get application forms from the local town council where they are residents.

Under recent law, licenses are valid up to the age of 65 and then must be renewed every five years and require a health certificate.

To prepare for this exam, candidates have to undergo an obligatory training course. Candidates may not take the practical exam until they have passed the theory exam and must be over 16 years old on the day of the theory exam.

The period of enrolling to undertake the exams in the normal season is between 1 October and 31 December.

The theory exam includes a number of questions based on the knowledge of wildlife, knowledge of hunting, knowledge of the rules and regulations, knowledge of arms and weapons, and knowledge of hunting birds.

To pass the theory exam, candidates must have a minimum of 75 percent correct answers and must have replied correctly to all the questions on security. The certificate is issued by inspectors of the ICNF.

The practical exam is taken once the candidate has passed the theory exam. There will be a target shooting test in the practical exam.

Once training is complete and both exams have been passed the Hunting Federation sends the application form to the ICNF.

Weapons that could be used for hunting in Portugal

Weapons that could be used for hunting in Portugal

  • Single or double-barrelled shotguns within the Light Firearms for Hunting group of weapons.
  • Hunting rifles that use special cartridge pellets.
  • Larger shotguns with telescopic sights.
  • Archery with bow and arrow.

Is bow hunting legal in Portugal?

Is bow hunting legal in Portugal

Bow hunting is legal and possible in Portugal. Bowhunting in Portugal requires a National Bowhunting ID Card, obtainable by exam and shooting test. The non-resident bowhunters can hunt with some terms and conditions.

Importing a hunting firearm into Portugal

If you are an EU resident, you must have a European firearm pass which you will need to show when your firearms are checked by police officers on arrival at the Portuguese airport.

If you are not an EU resident, you must apply for an Authorization of Temporary Importation of Firearms issued by the Portuguese police. If you don’t comply with their law, your firearm will be seized by the Portuguese police.

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