What is the Average Salary in Northern Cyprus? [Updated: 2023]

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Average Salary in Northern Cyprus

This post was most recently updated on January 6th, 2023

The average salary in Northern Cyprus is 20,000 Turkish Lira per month. Labor and Social Affairs Minister Hasan Takoy has stated that the minimum wage in Northern Cyprus would be 8,600 Turkish Lira per month.

The average is calculated from the average salary of everyone in every field. Even the millionaire’s salary is also included in the average salary. So, excepting 20,000 TR per month would be disappointing.

Today in this article, we are going to learn about the average salaries for different jobs and sectors in Northern Cyprus. These are average figures, and the actual maximum salary may be higher or lower.

Offices and Administration

Salary in offices depends upon how big the company is. In an average company, employees earn the following salaries.

JobAverage Salary/Month
Manager37,000 ₺ - 100,000 ₺
Auditor35,000 ₺
Admin30,000 ₺
Supervisor27,000 ₺
Receptionist15,000 ₺
Office assistant8,000 ₺
Cleaner7,500 ₺

Hospitals and Health Care Centers

Average Salary in Northern Cyprus

JobAverage Salary/Month
Doctor / Senior Nurse25,000 ₺ - 145,700 ₺
Admin35,000 ₺
Nurse18,000 ₺
Pharmacist15,000 ₺
Receptionist13,000 ₺
Wardboy8,500 ₺
Cleaner7,500 ₺

Hotel and Hospitality

JobAverage Salary/Month
Hotel Manager40,000 ₺
Supervisor30,000 ₺
Chef28,000 ₺
Sous Chef20,000 ₺
Bartender18,000 ₺
Hotel Receptionist14,000 ₺
Waiter12,000 ₺
Housekeeper10,000 ₺
Maintenance Technician9,000 ₺
Gardener9,000 ₺
Cleaner9,000 ₺

Restaurants and Recreational Centers

Average Salary in Northern Cyprus

JobAverage Salary/Month
Restaurant Manager30,000 ₺
Chef25,000 ₺
Sous Chef22,500 ₺
Bartender15,000 ₺
Receptionist13,000 ₺
Waiter12,000 ₺
Kitchen Helper9,000 ₺
Cleaner8,500 ₺

Manufacturing or Industry

JobAverage Salary/Month
Plant Manager50,000 ₺
Manager44,000 ₺
Supervisor32,000 ₺
Storekeeper26,000 ₺
Receptionist15,000 ₺
Operator13,000 ₺
Labor9,000 ₺
Assistant8,500 ₺


Average Salary in Northern Cyprus

JobAverage Salary/Month
Public Bus Driver25,000 ₺
Taxi Driver19,000 ₺
Food Delivery (Bike)10,000 ₺ - 18,000 ₺

Household Worker

JobAverage Salary/Month
Domestic Worker10,000 ₺
Houseboy9,100 ₺
Housemaid7,500 ₺

How much can an international student earn in North Cyprus?

International students in North Cyprus can earn somewhere between 9,000 TL to 15,000 TL per month. The basic salary per hour is around 54 TL in Northern Cyprus. If they get to work 8 hours a day, 26 days a week, they will be able to get at least 11,200 TL per month. But, international students in Northern Cyprus are only allowed to work 20 hours per week. In that case, they will only make 4,300 TL.

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