What is the Average Salary in Portugal? [Updated: 2023]

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Average Salary in Portugal

This post was most recently updated on January 6th, 2023

The average salary in Portugal is 2,750 Euro per month. The average is calculated from the average salary of everyone in every field. Even the millionaire’s salary is also included in the average salary. So, excepting 2,750 Euro per month for everyone would be disappointing. The minimum basic salary in Portugal is 800 Euro.

Average Monthly Salary Portugal

Today in this article, we are going to learn about the average salaries for different jobs and sectors in Portugal. These are average figures, and the actual maximum salary may be higher or lower.

Offices and Administration average salary in Portugal

Salary in offices in Portugal depends upon how big the company is. In a big company, a manager can earn up to 12,000 Euro per month or even more, whereas in a small company the manager might only earn 1,500 Euro/Month or less.

JobAverage Salary/Month
Manager1,500 € - 12,000 €
Auditor2,050 €
Admin1,700 €
Supervisor1,500 €
Receptionist900 €
Office assistant800 €
Cleaner750 €

Hospitals and Health Care Centers

Doctors and Head Nurses in Portugal can earn somewhere between 2,300 Euro to 8,500 Euro. Some Doctors get paid on a patient basis. So the average salary for them depends on how big the hospital is, or how much service they are providing.

JobAverage Salary/Month
Doctor / Senior Nurse2,300 € - 8,500 €
Admin2,000 €
Nurse1,400 €
Pharmacist1,400 €
Receptionist1,100 €
Wardboy800 €
Cleaner780 €

Hotel and Hospitality average salary in Portugal

JobAverage Salary/Month
Hotel Manager4,000 €
Supervisor2,400 €
Chef1,900 €
Sous Chef1,450 €
Bartender1,250 €
Hotel Receptionist1,100 €
Waiter950 €
Housekeeper800 €
Maintenance Technician800 €
Gardener800 €
Cleaner800 €

Restaurants and Recreational Centers

JobAverage Salary/Month
Restaurant Manager3,000 €
Chef1,800 €
Sous Chef1,350 €
Bartender1,000 €
Receptionist1,000 €
Waiter950 €
Kitchen Helper800 €
Cleaner800 €

Manufacturing or Industry average salary in Portugal

JobAverage Salary/Month
Plant Manager3,800 €
Manager2,750 €
Supervisor2,200 €
Storekeeper1,500 €
Receptionist1,100 €
Operator1,000 €
Labor800 €
Assistant800 €


JobAverage Salary/Month
Public Bus Driver1,600 €
Taxi Driver1,500 €
Food Delivery (Bike)800 € - 1,800 €

Household Worker average salary in Portugal

Usually, domestic workers and housemaids in Portugal are provided with a room, food, and medical benefits.

JobAverage Salary/Month
Domestic Worker850 €
Houseboy800 €
Housemaid700 €

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