What is the Average Salary in Poland? [Updated: 2023]

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Average Salary in Poland

This post was most recently updated on January 6th, 2023

The average salary in Poland is 7,560 Polish złoty per month. The average is calculated from the average salary of everyone in every field. Even the millionaire’s salary is also included in the average salary. So, excepting 7,560 Polish złoty per month for everyone would be disappointing. The minimum basic salary in Poland is 3,010 złoty per month.

Average monthly salary in Poland

Today in this article, we are going to learn about the average salaries for different jobs and sectors in Poland. These are average figures, and the actual maximum salary may be higher or lower.

Offices and Administration average salary in Poland

Salary in offices in Poland depends upon how big the company is. In a big company, a manager can earn up to 60,000 zł per month or even more, whereas in a small company, the manager might only earn 5,500 zł per Month or less.

JobAverage Salary/Month
Manager10,000 zł - 70,000 zł
Auditor9,000 zł
Admin5,800 zł
Supervisor5,000 zł
Receptionist3,500 zł
Office assistant2,900 zł
Cleaner2,850 zł

Hospitals and Health Care Centers

Some Doctors in Poland get paid on a patient basis. So the average salary for them depends on how big the hospital is, or how much service they are providing.

JobAverage Salary/Month
Doctor / Senior Nurse15,000 zł - 90,000 zł
Admin10,000 zł
Nurse5,500 zł
Pharmacist4,400 zł
Receptionist3,100 zł
Wardboy3,000 zł
Cleaner2,900 zł

Hotel and Hospitality average salary in Poland

JobAverage Salary/Month
Hotel Manager15,000 zł
Supervisor10,200 zł
Chef8,800 zł
Sous Chef4,350 zł
Bartender3,500 zł
Hotel Receptionist3,100 zł
Waiter3,000 zł
Housekeeper2,950 zł
Maintenance Technician2,910 zł
Gardener2,900 zł
Cleaner2,900 zł

Restaurants and Recreational Centers

JobAverage Salary/Month
Restaurant Manager10,000 zł
Chef8,500 zł
Sous Chef5,150 zł
Bartender4,000 zł
Receptionist3,800 zł
Waiter3,500 zł
Kitchen Helper2,900 zł
Cleaner2,900 zł

Manufacturing or Industry average salary in Poland

JobAverage Salary/Month
Plant Manager15,500 zł
Manager10,700 zł
Supervisor8,000 zł
Storekeeper6,500 zł
Receptionist4,000 zł
Operator3,500 zł
Labor2,900 zł
Assistant2,900 zł


JobAverage Salary/Month
Public Bus Driver5,500 zł
Taxi Driver4,300 zł
Food Delivery (Bike)3,000 zł - 8,000 zł

Household Worker average salary in Poland

JobAverage Salary/Month
Domestic Worker3,500 zł
Houseboy3,000 zł
Housemaid2,900 zł

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